luxury travel consultant

Lux Flyer is a luxury travel concierge service catering solely to the astute traveller who   is looking to travel in style for a fraction of the cost. Our expertise is maximising frequent flyer reward redemptions and we have over 5 years of first hand experience in booking Business and First Class flights using Airline Loyalty points and Credit Card points.

Unlike traditional Travel Agents our driving force isn’t to sell you bookings which will generate large commissions, instead we aim to work with you to ensure you are taking advantage of all the deals currently in the market to ensure you are booking at the best price possible and not compromising on the end product.



Our concierge award booking service is ideal for anyone from the Frequent Flyer with a multitude of points or those with large Credit Card Reward balances, who aren’t aware of their potential flight value or aren’t able to navigate the often confusing redemption process to secure their dream flight. Let us use our expertise to secure your next Business or First Class flight for a fraction of the cost.

If you have always dreamed of flying in Business or First Class or would like to reduce the cost so that you can travel more often, you may benefit from our Credit Card Review to increase your points balance and get you on your way to fulfilling that dream.


Our holistic approach to flight bookings isn’t just about finding any available seat, we will work with you and provide valuable insights to ensure an individual experience is tailored to your requirements. Most people do not realise that Business & First Class products can vary widely between Airlines and even the city you choose to depart from with included benefits ranging from pre and post flight chauffer services, pre flight spa services (including facials or massages) and even on board showers and bar/lounge areas.


Most people have a Credit Card which they use for everyday expenses, however with the variety of cards available they may not be aware of all the benefits of their Card or even if it is earning points in the appropriate rewards program. A review of your current Credit Cards and spending habits is an essential service to ensure you are earning the maximum points and that these points are being earned in the appropriate program to ensure you can fly with your preferred airlines. We will also provide you with information on which Credit Cards may be suited to your lifestyle as many cards also provide unique advantages ranging from Lounge access, Elite Hotel memberships and some even offer free flights.



Whilst it it important to ensure you are earning reward points for your everyday spending it is also just as important to ensure that you are associated with the correct airline loyalty program that will best suit your travel needs.





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